AppZero Upgrade Accelerates Long-Distance Migration of Windows Server Applications | @CloudExpo #Cloud
Migration-purposed AppZero Containers now feature optional high-performance server layer for faster cloud on-boarding

AppZero has launched a new version of its application migration tool that features an optional, high performance architecture that accelerates the migration of Windows Server applications over wide area or high latency network connections, typically found between geographically remote datacenters and public cloud onboarding projects.  Available immediately, AppZero 6.2 drastically reduces the migration times for applications with large data footprints and for database servers such as SQL Server 2005.  Customers can download the upgrade at:

AppZero containers automate the otherwise labor-intensive and costly process of migrating Windows applications for datacenter modernization and cloud on-boarding. The new version introduces the AppZero Source Agent, which installs in the source datacenter environment, collecting and aggregating application artifacts into larger data blocks which make better use of available bandwidth when transferred to the destination.  Also, when using the Source Agent, the artifacts are transferred using a secure SSL-based protocol which provides increased security for migrations over public networks, without requiring a customer-deployed VPN.  Customers with less stringent performance or security requirements can continue to use the standard Microsoft SMB Protocol for migration.

The upgrade also includes a variety of other features such as the ability to migrate Windows Scheduled Tasks, COM+ components from within the AppZero interface, identify 16bit components of an application and automated notifications during key stages of a migration to stakeholders of progress.

"Long distance application migration is a growing issue for customers moving to new target datacenters or cloud environments. AppZero migration containers are the best way to minimize migration risks, costs and timeline." said AppZero CEO Greg O'Connor." AppZero encapsulates an application and its dependencies in a purposed container which is hundreds of times smaller than when packaged with a virtual machine so it travels fast and requires less storage. Now this capability is available even over the longest distances."

About AppZero:
AppZero ( is the fastest, most flexible way to move server applications to and across any cloud or datacenter, without code change or lock-in. Encapsulating Windows applications in VM/OS-free containers, AppZero’s patented software moves complex Windows server applications with ease.  AppZero allows you to move from an old OS to a newer one, with the click of a button - modernize and move to the cloud in one step.

About Adine Deford
Adine Deford is the CMO for AppZero – the fastest and most flexible way to move workloads across clouds and datacenter servers, without re-engineering, re-installation, or lock-in. With more than two decades of technology marketing experience, she has a deep understanding of the power of “trigger events” in launching disruptive technologies. She predicts that the end of life for Windows Server 2003 scheduled for July 2015, will be the event that puts application migration, particularly cloud migration on the map. You can follow her on Twitter at @AdineDeford.